Thursday, July 14, 2011

Westpakete - Heaven And Hell Machine in a box

I finally finished my Art Care Package today: Heaven And Hell Machine in a box :)
For the project "Westpakete" - initiated by friends of mine, the artist group "Microwesten" - 50 artists were asked to create their own version of an Art Care Package"/"Art West Package". This is mine: A (much) smaller version of my recent installation "Heaven And Hell Machine".
Here you can also see a little slight show of all the different packages.


  1. wow Jenny, du bist ein Hammer! In this box the crazy amount of details is even more intense because it comes form all directions. Imagine receiving this box unprepared in the mail. Opening it will result in a shock! Let's hope the mailman doesn't shake it too much...

  2. Wow Jenjen, it looks great! :) As always. The attention to detail and the amount of work you put into your creations is applauded. Two thumbs up!

  3. Thanks so much, guys! Makes me really happy :)