Thursday, July 7, 2011


Meet illustrator par excellence Daan Botlek. He studied in Rotterdam too, a few years before me, and you'd meet him every now and then at the bars, always with his sketchbook ready, no matter how late or drunk. He never felt comfortable in the 'classic' illustration business, he was more of an autonomous illustrator and over the years he has devellopped a very unique and recognisable style. His drawings look simple, but are extremely complex. The clear lines and subtle use of shading, combined with a great sence of composition reveal a huge knowledge of form and shape. He can be funny in a slapstickish way, but also graphicly intelligent like Escher. Who knows one day he will be the next Escher. Or the first worldfamous Botlek maybe? He has tons of work on his flickr, his website doesn't seem to work right now. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice! :) And the "Les Soeurs Rondoli" illustration (in the 2nd to last picture) gives me a 'human centipede' vibe... actually, more like 'human velocipede'...