Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nice trick or great work?

I came across these cool portraits by Gium Tió Zarraluki and I think they are really cool. They have a lot of expression and a weird feel to them. I only noticed after a while that they are painted on magazinecovers and parts of the faces are leftovers from the underlying phtographs. This partly makes them so weird, but it also makes the works less special I think. On one hand I like the idea of distorting the 'perfect' portraits on glossy magazines, on the other hand by doing it over and over again it might become a trick. I wonder if the works are created from a certain feeling or from the posibilities the original image offers. Probably both. But i'd like to see what happens if those characters would be recomposed, interact together and become more than a funny portrait. Still very inspiring work all together! Here's lots of 'm!


  1. Nice find, Bart! I think they're great, and I really don't think it's 'lesser art' in any way just because it's painted over the photos on magazine covers, not at all. Why do you consider it to be a 'trick'?

  2. I think they are great too! But just a little bit too much of the same. I noticed after browsing the website that I lost enthusiasm after a while. That would be different if these characters were actually doing something, or things were added so that it becomes something completely new instead of an alteration of what was there before. Nonetheless I'd love to have these artworks on my wall!

  3. you know what, I'm just whining. Who am I to say what to do to make it better? This is cool work as it is.