Tuesday, January 25, 2011

about pigs and foxes

Watch this interesting shortfilm by Nick Cross, great animation and awesome music in this dark tale of a pig society turning into a place where foxes rule.

After I watched it I was confused a little, there must be some social commentary goin' on here, but I find it hard to see who's who in this story. First, the small pigman is a happy, hardworking man. When something gets taken from him he gets mad and goes out for retribution. So far, so human, I would say. When he leaves his farm it has the 'Arbeit macht frei' sign at the gates.
In the woods he finds the guys who stole from him, wants to make 'em pay for what they did, but instead he gets seduced into lustfull pleasures. Poor guy! The drugs they give him trigger the horror that follows, visions of pig-society flash by; Pig politicians rooting for war, pig bankers living large, corrupt pig general and banker dividing a chopped up girl. Then the twintowers explode. The foxboss whispers in piggy's ear and he goes off on a rampage, resulting in the killing of fellow pigs attending a snob-party. Piggy gets arrested, convicted and put in jail, where the foxes have already put lots and lots of them.
Projecting this on (American) society, one could say the average Joe is put to work (in a camp) while the ruling class enriches itself. This system collapses, change comes and by trickery the foxes take over. Now average pig Joe is working for the foxboss who turns the whole capitalist system to his own benefit.
I come to this conclusion: A bad functioning government system has been maliciously taken over by private corporations. Average Joe is, after a bunch of titties in his face, even worse of.

What do you think? Or are we thinking too much??


  1. Honestly, I have no idea what to make out of it. Very bizzare....

  2. well, the overall theme in Nick Cross' animations seems to be oppresion of little guys by big guys. Corporations, governments and people with power are bad. Sadly the little guys always lose, big time! The sad endings are in big contrast with the happy animation style, that's what makes it so strong. Check out his other films! (like this one: http://vimeo.com/6898451)