Thursday, August 11, 2011

Terry Gilliam's animation craft

This wonderful clip shows a Python-era Terry Gilliam explaining his cut-out animation craft, as used in the Monty Python's Flying Circus series. I've always wondered how he was able to make such fantastically beautiful (lo-fi, but stunningly beautiful) animation with such limited resources, and I was delighted to find this clip, which explains the process in full. The beginning of the clip is a bit tedious but starting at the 4:20 mark we get into the actual hands-on process -- both the simplicity and the tenacity of it. Simply genius.

Via Coilhouse.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah! very inspiring, indeed!
    It's so nice to watch him putting the cut-outs together and playing with them. Very skillful! Looks so easily. Then of course, when it comes to the actual movie, you see how tricky it is, still, all the things that you have to think of, the glass plate, the tape... fiddly, I can imagine.
    Oh and I like the thing with the darkened edges, cool idea!