Friday, August 5, 2011

Remedios Varo

Today I want to present two artists, (very different ones) that kind of inspired me in different life phases and funny enough, that I saw much later in Mexico-City at the same day (in two different solo shows).
Here's the First one: Remedios Varo, a (post-) surrealistic painter from Spain, being part of the circle among Max Ernst, and later immigrating to Mexico.
When I first saw her picture "Solar Music" (the first one below), at the age of fourteen or so, I fell instantly in love with it. As far as I remember, I even ripped the side out of the book, that I borrowed from library, just to own the picture, and it made me also want to create things like that.
Well, now after all that time, I still like her stuff, even if I changed a lot and I think now, that her style is a bit too "mannieristisch" (mannered?) and kitschy for my taste. But I like the subtle humor and the hidden stories in her paintings, especially together with the titles ("Vegetarian Vampires" is just such a great idea, or "Exploring the source of the Orinoco"),
and of course she still has a special place in my heart, being one of my earliest inspirations :)

If you want, google for her name, she did a lot stuff.

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  1. Nice stuff!! I've never heard of her, but would really like to see more stuff. Will go on a google cruise. She seems to be quite inspired by Bosch, but with a 20th centuray surrealist twist. There's a wonderful richness and poetry in her works (and some great craft!) but still a humble unpretentiousness that I like.