Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guy Maddin's in town! Again!

Three years ago, I neglected to thoroughly read the Berlinale programme and later found out -- a day too late -- that Guy Maddin, one of my favourite directors, had presented his latest film at the festival. Crap! Well, I've also neglected to read the Berlinale programme this year, but by accident -- while standing in line to return a defective computer keyboard at Conrad -- I spotted Maddin's face on a TV screen in the background, being interviewed with the Berlinale logo behind him. Maddin. Berlinale. He's here again.

I'll be damned if I miss him this year too. It seems he's presenting a new work (or collection of shorts or whatever it is, I'm not sure) called Hauntings I (fragments). And it's starring Udo Kier. And it's free. I pity the Berlin based fool who won't show up tomorrow (Friday), 19:00 at the Marshall McLuhan Salon @ Potsdamer Platz to see what Maddin's been up to lately.

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