Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cute Monsters

My virtual friend from The Groovy Age of Horror post mostly interesting articles about film, comics, tv and books. Sometimes it's a little boring, sometimes more like this, or really cool like this, but today they have a discussion about cute monsters like this lovely Lovecraftian Cthulhu guy right here.
I don't want to go into details about this topic, if interested you can dive into matters with the other Groovy Agers, but this explanation is, as a birdlover, too good not to share. I love it!

'A young raven, confronted with a new object, which may be a camera, an old bottle, a stuffed polecat, or anything else first reacts with escape responses. He will fly up to an elevated perch and, from this point of vantage, stare at the object literally for hours. After this, he will begin to approach the object very gradually, maintaining all the while a maximum of caution and the expressive attitude of intense fear. He will cover the last distance from the object hopping sideways with half-raised wings, in the utmost readiness to flee. At last, he will deliver a single fearful blow with his powerful beak at the object and forthwith fly back to his safe perch. . . .' In the end 'he will grab [the object] with one foot, peck at it, try to tear off pieces, insert his bill into any existing cleft and then pry apart his mandibles with considerable force. Finally, if the object is not too big the raven will carry it away, push it into a convenient hole and cover it with some inconspicuous material.' [quoted in Arthur Koestler's Act of Creation]

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