Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Radical Experiment

I have an idea for a radical experiment I think I'll try to carry through. The idea is as simple as it is subversive: to replace my entire 13 GB music library -- both on my computer and on my mp3 player -- with an equal size of completely new music.

I've realized that I almost never listen to new music. With 'new' I mean music that I haven't heard before -- it doesn't matter if it was recorded in 2009, 1976 or 1948. The problem is that I almost only listen to two kinds of music: 1 -- my own music (i.e. the stuff I happen to be working on at the moment), and 2 -- music that I already know I will like; old trusted music that I return to again and again.

So in order to jump start my curiosity for music, I'm going to try this radical approach. Mind you, I won't totally erase my old music collection, but probably move those 13 GB to a kind of "quarantine" on an external hard drive for a while, until I'm ready to return to them, maybe in six months or so... Until then, it's going to be a lot of research into what I'll replace it with -- including buying new mp3 albums online, going to the Gedenkbibliothek and get a whole bunch of CDs, downloading public domain music, etc.

And I'm going to start right HERE -- an awesome blog where you can download curious old (often out of print) albums, with a heavy focus on vintage horror/sci-fi soundtracks!! Can't wait.

If you have any suggestions for my new, curious music collection, or if you just want to comment on how stupid this idea is, let me know.


  1. Marcus! What a great idea. It is a little radical but bound to bring fresh new stuff into your ears. By putting away your old music you force yourself to speed up discovering new stuf, instead of picking up something new every now and then in between. I think your sources are going to be important. There is indeed much to find in libraries and archives that you will not likely discover by simply listening to the radio and/or Last FM. (That's how I find new music) I love your link to 'Digital Meltdown'! I'm listening to old horrofilm scores now and downloaded some Eery magazines too. Good stuff for the takin', har har!!
    I don't want to force my rock'n'roll and country classics upon you, since most of it might be a little too predictable. But let me know if you are interested. You might however like the collection 'Lux and Ivy's Favorites' that is circulating round the internet. It is a collection of obscure tracks that influenced Lux and Ivy, better known as The Cramps. Some fans have researched and put together all tracks they mentioned in interviews throughout their long career, 12 volumes! Music from very different genres and era's, a lot of it fits the dirty, non-polished pulp movie atmosphere that we like so much. And some of the exotica tracks are just hilarious. What's up with those frantic jungle sounds? Strange but cool.

  2. Thanks Bart! Both for your encouragement and for your tips. I'd say it might be about time I listen to some old country classics, and by all means, the 'Lux and Ivy's Favorites' sound like it could be a blast!

  3. What a great idea Marcus! I think I'll do the same on my new laptop, I won´t add any "old" music to the library! :)