Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keith Arnatt on tv

Back in the days when television was way more open to experiments, the artpiece "self burial" by Keith Arnatt was shown at WDR 3 programm without any announcement
Between 11th and 18th of october 1969 each evening there was shown one of eight photographies of the artist where you see him gradually sinking into the ground. The pictures where shown for several seconds right after the main news broadcast at 8.15 pm and for another time one hour later in the middle of whatever program was running.
The mystery was cleared at the end of the week by an interview with the artist.

Also nice: "Notes from Jo 1990-1994", a series of blown-up images of the notes left around the house by his wife shortly before she died.

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  1. That's so cool. Yes, television sure was more interesting back in the day. Hard to imagine something like that being pulled off on a large TV station these days... sigh... A good illustration of how the TV medium goes from cutting-edge creative to braindead commercialism is of course MTV -- I mean, in the 80's they commissioned short films by the Quay Brothers and Jan Svankmajer and played some really obscure music every now and then, today it's all about stupid reality shows with a little mainstream commercial music thrown in for good measure.