Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lichtspiel Mutation 1: Whitechapel

I finally (finally!) got around to uploading the piece I wrote for the Unsound festival in Kraków last year. This version is based on a recording of the rehearsal with the Sinfonietta Cracovia the day before the actual performance, and has been painstakingly edited, processed and tarted up to sound as good as possible, along with the electronic music track which is loosely based on audio from the original film.

Long story short: The work is based on an old "Jack the Ripper" film from 1953, "Man in the Attic". I've used footage and audio from the film and then remixed it into something completely different, and on top of this I've composed a score for 45-piece string orchestra. The resulting work is way more abstract than the actual film it's based on, more suggestive and dreamlike. I've slowed down the footage and utilized extreme contrast and darkness to create something more like a 'shadow play', if you catch my drift.

I'm planning on making more works in the "Lichtspiel Mutations" series, all based on old films in the public domain but hopefully they'll all be very different and for different constellations. My next planned 'mutation' will probably be for solo violin, electronic music and animation. Looking forward to that!

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