Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do you know Theo Jansen? (not the soccer player!)

This is amazing stuff; ingenious, marvellous, beautifull and spectacular. Dutch artist Theo Jansen creates creatures that roam the beaches in Holland, gracefully moving around, driven by the wind. His works are a wonderfull fusion between art and engineering. I'd love to see his monsters in real life once!

not to be confused with the other Theo Jansen:


  1. Those creatures are really beautiful, I would love to one day see them roving around in nature and parks all over the world... It would also be fun to build one strandbeest someday.

  2. I saw them life!!!! It was at Ars Electronica 2005. They were shown in a big hall and one of them was shown in the centre of the City of Linz. As far as I remember the artist himself was there and showed to the public how it works. Really cool stuff and cool guy, too.
    And I've heard, that you can get a kit from the Internet for building one by yourself (smaller and by far not so complex but still....) I've never checked it out, though...