Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Inception

For those of us who enjoyed Christopher Nolan's Inception, here's a link to Nolan's own hand-drawn outline for the film's structure, as well as an interesting interview conducted by his brother, screenwriter Jonathan Nolan, in which they not only discuss the film and filmmaking but also thoughts on the mind, dreaming, and (which will probably appeal to Jenjen) defying the popular analogy of the computer for the human brain.

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  1. I've just read the interview.... it's great, although I thought they would talk a bit more about the dream aspect. But still, very interesting, showing some new aspects of the movie to me, I also like the drawing.
    And it's really a good thing to find reasons that refute these stupid mind-computer-analogy-theories:)
    And it's true: It's very hard to find good scientific research about dreaming, or let's say, how the process of creating pictures in your head looks like in detail.
    I should really make a post on it, just realised :)