Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paradise Emblemata

Today I've finally started to look through the pictures I took of my "paradise-exhibition". Here are some first results after editing: Some of the "Paradise-Emblemata", drawing and text in resin.


  1. They are so great! The details, the layers, the three-dimensionality of it, and it really adds yet another dimension to it the way they are arranged three-dimensionally as well. Works great as a 'gestalt' as well as individual components. Flawlessly intriguing works, as always. Keep posting, keep them coming! :)

  2. Great pictures Jenny! The really capture the mystery of those multi-layered boogers. The close-ups show the detail and depth of the cubes, but I especially like the first two pictures, where the wires are less visable and the pieces seem to fly around, like a frozen action scene. The images show the perfect placement of the raisins, maybe even more clear than in real life... Works well with the map in the background too. Artwork to be proud of for sure!

  3. Great work Jenny, very interesting aesthetics and idea. Also beautifully shot!