Tuesday, May 4, 2010

manifesto of the day

The mother, of all art manifestos, the Fluxus-manifesto, written by George Maciunas in 1963, one of the founders of the Fluxus movement.

Strange enough, there's a second Fluxus manifesto, looking almost the same, just a very small "add" by Joseph Beuys, changing the word "europanism" to "Americanism", what shows the tension inside the group, that, at the end, during a Stockhausen performance broke out into an open conflict.
Being the first real international art movement, there were still these differences. Maybe it's really about an european vs. an american attitude, it was actually the question about individuality - an "induvidualistic genius cult" vs. a new kind of collectivism (represented by the american tradition) getting over this old individualism. I'm not sure if it was ever this simple.

My first professor in art school was Fluxus-artist Alison Knowles,
so I had a connection to it from the beginning. First I had really big problems in getting the point of this whole fluxus thing.
Meanwhile I really like it :)

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